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Black Lapels


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Kwazulu Natal

Acoustic 2-piece Zaffa

The brothers have been performing as a pair for many years, with acoustic guitar, bass, and two vocals. They have the ability to bring the house down with any style of music, whether it be a tribute show, a compilation show, or their original compositions. ZAFFA takes pride in their professional work ethic and good old Rock and Roll ideals.

The 3 Piece Black Lapels

The Brothers have teamed up with the cream of Durban's musical ability to develop a full band configuration that incorporates all of their undertakings. The brothers play guitar and bass, and Gareth Gale plays drums for the band. Gareth Gale is a South African drummer who has performed globally with Farryl Purkiss, Nibs Van Der Spy, Guy Battery, and many more. They perform everything of the best that Zaffa has to offer, including current radio hits. This performance is ideal for a high-impact party evening.

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