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Nomadic Orchestra


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Western Cape

The Nomadic Orchestra/Orkes/Orkestar is a Cape Town-based band dedicated to getting people to dance.

The Nomadic Orchestra is a Cape Town-based five-piece instrumental dancing band. The Nomadic Orchestra's primary purpose is to get people moving. Even the most conservative listeners find themselves involuntarily tapping their feet to the band's addictive high-energy dance music.

The Nomadic Orchestra is heavily influenced by traditional music from South-Eastern European nations such as Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia. Klezmer, gipsy, and circus music, as well as contemporary western party music, have all impacted them. Their musical training lends the band a distinct jazz aesthetic, as well as an emphasis on improvisation. The Nomads' music is unique and composed by members of the band.


The Nomadic Orchestra was formed in April 2009 at the "Balkanology: The Resurrection" celebration. Balkanology has been delivering superb Balkan music to the Cape Town scene for many years, both live and electronic, and has hosted a number of hugely popular parties. Along with local acts such as Goldfish, Freshly Ground, and Prime Circle (to name a few), the Nomadic Orchestra has opened for and performed with international Balkan acts such as Shazalakazoo, Boom Pam, and Balkan Beat Box.

Mr Cat and the Jackal, Ma'original, Toby2Shoes, Kimon, Christian Tiger School, Desmond & the Tutu's, Alice Pheobe Lou, Bye Beneco, Grassy Spark, The City, 7th Son, Touch Wood, Captain Stu, Manouche, The Bone Collectors, and Peachy Keen have all performed with The Nomadic Orchestra on the Cape Town music scene.

Rocking the Daisies, Oppi Koppi, Flamjangled Tea Party, Up The Creek, Synergy, Earthdance, Resonance, White Mountain, Lavender Fest, Park Acoustics, Capital Craft Beer Festival, Balkanology (Resurrection, Metamorphosis, Greek Mythology, Animal Farm), and Splashy Fen are among the festivals where the Nomadic Orchestra has performed.


"A friendly pogo pit forms as the recklessness spreads through the crowd." People are happy, and strangers are swapping drinks. There is a sense of camaraderie, which has been lacking at Nanny Fest [RTD 2011]. And then it was all about the music once more. It was a time when I laughed with delight, had to reconsider my position, and got to dance. For a brief period, Rocking The Daises seemed like a true event."

-Roger Young of Mahala reviews Nomadic Orchestra vs. Mr. Cat and the Jackal at RTD 2011.

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