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Rubber Duc


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Rubber Duc, South Africa's premier acoustic dance music (ADM) act, has proven their growing popularity and staying power time and time again - from their first release, Ain't Nobody Got Time For That, which still sits at the top of their streaming list internationally, to It's Alright, which cemented the foursome as a household name in the country, all the way to their release, Through The Night, which made it all the way to the top.

.Since the release of their debut album (The Secret Sunrise) in 2016, the hitmakers have received one accolade after another, ranging from two SAMA Award nominations to receiving an honourable mention in the prestigious 2017 International Songwriting Competition (with over 16,000 entries from over 140 countries), as well as performing at every major music festival across the country - all this on top of reaching the top of the charts with Through.

When asked about having a #1 hit song, Rubber Duc's Nick Jordaan exclaims, "It was and still is an incredible feeling!" We actually took a risk by modifying our sound slightly since we were afraid of losing supporters in the older age categories, but it paid off big time. We were really blown away, and as any artist will tell you, it's not an easy task to achieve.

As a result, we're taken more seriously than ever before, and we're working hard to have many more of our songs do the same, reaching the top of a variety of charts."Jordaan adds that they have undoubtedly seen how the higher a single's popularity on radio has a direct impact on sales figures for these specific songs, demonstrating the power that radio still has in building or breaking a band.

But who are Rubber Duc's admirers and audience members? "Our fans have been so diverse over the years - from little princesses turning four years old coming to watch us at Casalinga, to playing in the heart of the Underberg for the 80th birthday party of the coolest grandpa in the world, and also performing at every major music festival in South Africa," says band member Amiel Gopal. All we can say is that we love individuals of all ages and are fortunate to be loved in return.

"Rubber Duc's rollercoaster ride continues with the release of "Down On My Knees (ft. Lara Gear")."Rubber Duc's amazing team does not let any grass grow under their feet, as they have already returned with a new single, Down On My Knees (Feat. Lara Gear), despite their prior single(s), such as Through The Night, still receiving regular airtime on a number of radio stations.

"While we were recording the song, we felt it would be really cool to feature a female vocalist," says Kabelo Seleke of the collaboration with Lara Gear. We looked around and listened to a lot of people, but nothing felt right. Lara was recommended to us by a friend. We were immediately taken with her tone of voice and asked her to please consider joining us on the song, and the rest, as they say, is history. And we're quite pleased with the finished outcome, and we feel our fans will be as well."


"The event was fantastic. The band was fantastic. My employees had a fantastic time. Again, the band was fantastic."

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