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To Cairo Band


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TO CAIRO is a proudly local dynamic pop corporate cover band comprised of three members: Candace Africa (lead vocalist), Lyla Faye (lead vocalist), and Alwin Botha (keyboard, vocals, and guitar). They are rapidly gaining popularity in Joburg.

TO CAIRO is ideal for South African and African corporate parties, functions, and any other entertainment events that are enthused about local music, featuring hits from African Pop musicians such as Brenda Fassie, 340ml, Mandoza, Davido, Freshly Ground, Lira, Mi Casa, and Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels.

Local music is their speciality. TO CAIRO can also adapt to any and all gatherings, from romantic R&B-styled weddings to corporate year-end festivities to lively 21st birthday parties featuring house music or hip hop... and everything in between. TO CAIRO delivers tremendous intensity or sultry smoothness while retaining a native taste. A three-piece band is ideal for smaller events with limited space and sound. TO CAIRO can perform to any subject and for any length of time specified by the client.

Candace and Mr Keys have been playing together since 2013, with Lyla, TO CAIRO's newest member, joining lately. Each artist is a unique talent who offers a unique flavour to the stage. Together TO CAIRO boldly reflects an African identity and includes African music from Cape Town to Cairo!! If you want sensuous calm rhythms or high octane beats with a local flavour, book TO CAIRO for a thrilling trip!!

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