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Singing Lira with Andy Klee


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A visual spectacular of light and inspiration is this remarkable vocalist in her suspended Lira.

Seated in her sparkling hoop suspended in mid air, Andy brings a new dynamic of corporate entertainment to life.

Able to perform all genres of music, with a varied choice of costumes and accessories this new dynamic act can also be used to enhance the décor concept and theme of any event.From attachable feathered wings, to coloured lights and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Imagine Burlesque in real life, complete with choreographed dance routines, or a Set of Enchanted tunes in an elegant cocktail dress.

Be it a single song to mark an important point of the evening, or a 40-minute guest entrance set, Andy sings, seated in her hoop above the audience creating an atmosphere of magic and ambiance.

And if that isn’t enough, a descending hoop allows Andy to walk among your guests, before, after or during this stirring performance.

Captivate your guests with the perfect collaboration of light, space, music and visual spectacular.

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