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Wolfgang Riebe


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You may remember him from his massive TV presence a few years ago with hit shows Abracadabra, Master Magician, ETV's Craz-e, and many unforgettable guest appearances as the humorous magician with the ponytail and the wooden tie! Over 200 television shows tells it all!

Wolfgang's career and global accomplishments are the cause for and inspiration for the majority of professional magicians in South Africa today!" His entire life has been about sharing, giving, and helping others grow, so he is now regarded as one of the world's leading motivational speakers, having coined the term "enter-trainer" and being the first speaker/magician in the world to combine magic and motivation for corporate clients.

He makes no claims... but only provides verifiable facts...

* 30 years of experience with over 165 appearances!

* Postgraduate Thesis in Leading Innovation and Change, United Kingdom, 2015.

* TEDx Speaker: Uncover Your Inner Magic

* The first African illusionist to perform in Hollywood's Magic Castle.

* His YouTube channel has had almost 15 million views: motivating the rest of the globe

* Multi-author and best-selling author of various magic books and films

* Star of the prime-time television programmes (Abracadabra & Master Magician)

* BBC, Channel 4, ITV, CNN, SABC, ETV, MNET, and other networks

* The Magic Manor is Africa's first and only premium magic dinner theatre and boutique hotel in Cape Town.



* Think of Wolfgang as a combination of a great magician and a comic.

* 20 years of global reviews speak for themselves!

* Ensured to captivate, enthral, and delight everyone!

* Appealing to people of many cultural backgrounds.

* Aside from great stunts, there are tonnes of one-liner jokes in 60 minutes!

* Can create performances based on your event theme/company product.

* English-speaking EMEA events specialist who is also fluent in German and Afrikaans.

* No marketing gimmicks here, just a proven track record!



Whether it's a convention, a golf outing, a gala award evening, a product launch, a client appreciation party, an incentive event, or a roadshow... Wolfgang will continually go above and above to meet your requirements and blend in with your venue and audience. This is the show to see if you want an unrivalled, worldwide appealing show that can be played everywhere! Incomprehensible deceptions are performed in an enjoyable manner, with a lot of wit and humour.


YOU DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE.Are you interested by the unknown and psychics, soothsayers, and mind readers? "Is it real?" is the major question. Years ago, Wolfgang chose to study psychology, cold reading, memory skills, and the metaphysical in order to create his own distinct, witty, and entertaining mind theatre. He may be able to change your mind by thought-provoking mental affects that will leave you speechless. However, he will always admit that they are ingenious deceptions designed to delight and excite you.


A humorous Magical Emcee, LinkMan, or Programme Director who keeps the audience awake and enthralled while maintaining the focus of the event - from roadshows to conferences. The magic happens every time Wolfgang takes the stage and masterfully combines facts and entertaining. He provides diversity and stimulates the brains of the delegates, ensuring that their focus and attention are directed in the desired direction. Throughout the event, each insert will be related to the next speaker or theme.

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