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Justin Serrao


2001 was the year that Justin kicked off his career in music as the lead in a punk rock band 74%stupid. He later played the bass with Grounded who’s single ‘Getting Tired’ received extensive airplay.

Being the observant person Justin is, he learned from being in other bands and decided to start his own band called Smash and Grab and at the same time, he explored his song writing abilities as well as his lead guitar skills.

In 2011 Justin saw the many marketing and exposure opportunities associated with being a part of Idols and he came an esteemed 33rd place in the competition that is entered into each year by thousands and thousands of hopeful contestants. Shortly after this reality TV experience and having gained a commendable following, Justin released his debut album ‘Touching Toes Without Clothes’

.Aside from being a full-time working musician with a regular presence on the live circuit around South Africa, Justin has drawn the attention from many well-known and established bands and artists who have all been more than happy to include him on their bills and in their tours. These acts include Prime Circle, Parlotones, CrashCarBurn, Shortstraw and internationally acclaimed Shawn Phillips to name a few.


“ This sentimental heartthrob is no newbie to the SA Music scene.”


“His Soul-Fire voice”


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