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Amahlosi Culture Music Entertainers


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Western Cape

Amahlosi are a traditional acapella music and dance group, singing Isicathamiya and “amagwijo” (initiation songs). Uniquely known for using natural voices and minimum instruments, the group is made up of 10 members.



·      Festivals

·      Weddings

·      Social events

·      Advertising

·      Corporate functions

·      Schools & Churches

·      Tourists destination (Boulders Beach, Jubilee Square’ in Simons town, V&A Waterfront and Stellenbosch)


Achievements of the Group

1. Performed six shows at the FIFA 2010 world cup fan fest, and at the International Airport.

2. In February 2011 performed “Amagwijo” at Infecting the City Festival in Cape Town station

and 26th & 27th November 2019, at Sir George’s mall.

3. Finalists in Coca-Cola competition in 2011, (Simons Town Naval Base Festival).

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