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Harold Waltberg


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Harold Waltberg was born in 1994 and grew up in a small town in the Lowveld area of South Africa.Apart from pursuing a career as a singer, he is also using his skills as a designer to establish himself as a freelance graphic designer, especially within the music industry.

His love for music has always been a part of him, having shared a passion for the music of Josh Groban and Phil Coulter as a very young boy with his grandmother.

As a teenager living in a school hostel during the week, he decided to attend guitar lessons to get some time out of the school grounds. His guitar teacher recognized his singing talent and recommended that he went for vocal training. A successful audition with the vocal coach led to Harold starting with singing lessons at age 17. Upon moving to Centurion after school, he started with vocal training under the wing of SA Three Tenors singer, Chris Coetzer, for three years. He then moved on to well-known classical vocal coach, Jolanda Becker, at the Centurion Performance

Academy. Harold performs mainly in the crossover, light classical genré. With his strong, warm voice, he creates the most beautiful melodies and songs. He is very passionate about what he sings and insists that he is not a “jukebox”. His first album was recorded in 2016 – the cover design was done by himself.

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