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Simone Govender


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Performing live since 2017 all over Gauteng, KZN and Cape Town, Simone has shared the stage with local artists such as Jesse Clegg (Starbucks Sessions), Matthew Mole, Rubber Duc, Desmond and the Tutus (Railways Cafe), Will Linely and Majozi to name a few and performed at festivals such as Splashy Fen, Afriski Winter Festival (Lesotho), Fijnwyn and Oktoberfest as well as various venues around SA. Her repertoire consists of a diverse collection of covers including mashups and originals.

Her single “Need To Be Yours”, released on August 6th, 2021, has been playlisted on over 40 radio stations in South Africa as well as a few international stations in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands. It has also charted on a few radio stations- Mix FM, Ekurhuleni FM (reaching number one) and SFM Streek Radio. (Production & Co-writing: Muse Studios, PR: Starburst Promotions). She's also released another single titled "The Attention's Really Killing Me".

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