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Yolande Y'awa


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Western Cape

Yolanda Y’awa’s exquisite voice and captivating stage presence, along with her extensive repertoire, make her one of SA’s sought after performers.

The multi-talented star hails from Gugulethu in Cape Town, as is best known as the dynamic “FLOWER OF GUGULETHU” Former lead singer of the Afro-classical fusion band, Coda, she has been performing since she was 7 years old and her validation of her journey as a star came when she won her first talent competition belting out the sounds of & Too Late for Mama, by Brenda Fassie. “My upbringing was not always a bed of roses, so I mostly relied on passion and inspiration to see me through life.

A good dose of music and diverse cultural experiences in the township where I grew up, was a constant reminder that I had a voice to share with the world!” Says Y’awa.Y’awa has since been selected to perform at international festivals like: Afrika Festival Wurzburg, Germany; CMJ New York; Afrika Festival Nijmegen, Holland; Bevrijdingse Festival, Holland to mention a few.Y’awa is a FORCE to be RECKONED with! She is a RISING STAR!


“We were so lucky to have Yolanda during the opening event of the first world conference on personality in this fabulous place Spier, near Cape Town. Her  ENERGY, connection to the audience, and amazing voice gave an enormous boost to the conference. After long trips from various places in the world, her songs and dynamic performance put the delegates right in the heart of South Africa. An unforgettable experience!!

”On behalf of Common Purpose I would like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us on our programme day themed Courage: I can lead. The participants on the Navigator course found the engagement insightful, inspirational and informative. I thought you may be interested in hearing some of the feedback of how the participants experienced the learning opportunity with you. Here are their comments: • All I can say is WOW• Amazing, awesome, wow and fantastic• I was really inspired• Global messages from very personal places• Very powerful and inspiring

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