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Kevin Woods


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Kevin Woods should not be here. He should not be alive to tell his story.

A survivor of 18 years in Mugabe’s prison, covid, a heart attack and a spinal fusion means that this man has been kept with us for a reason. And that reason is to share how you manage your darkest days, the days you feel like there is no hope and no way out, there is. He is living proof of this.

In 1988, Kevin was jailed for politically motivated crimes committed by the South African Government and was sentenced to death. 5 Of the 18 years was spent completely naked and alone in solitary confinement with only his thoughts to keep him company.

Kevin speaks emotionally and unapologetically about his life while working for Mugabe, being a double agent and how he survived 7 140 days and nights completely helpless and hopeless.

He will take you on a journey of double standards and betrayal, of false hope and crushing disillusionment, of the incredible joy of a personal meeting with Nelson Mandela, being reunited with his children after almost 2 decades and adjusting to a world that had left him behind.

Who better to speak about finding motivation in the positives, not matter how small they may seem and how to be alert to negative thoughts that have the power to knock you down very quickly?

Full of power, motivation and humility, Kevin’s story will capture your heart and mind and give you hope in what can sometimes feel like a hopeless world.

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