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The Universe on Stage


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At The Universe on Stage, our mission is simple - to captivate and inspire.

Dr. Luca Pontiggia (speaker, PhD physicist and data scientist) and Yasheen Modi (pianist, composer, and actuary) collaborate to craft powerful and moving talks that explore the universe - its vast and intricate beauty, the genius behind its exploration, and our place in it.

Regardless of our different backgrounds or expertise, we share a common connection to the cosmos, and a deeper connection and understanding can encourage us to shift our perspective and achieve what we never thought possible.

Introducing "A Cinematic TED Talk Concerto," our innovative form of live entertainment that seamlessly combines spoken word, music, visuals, and scientific insights into a unique performance that entertains and engages the hearts and minds of any audience.

Rooted in science and an original score, our presentations will inspire curiosity and a desire to explore and understand more about ourselves and our place in the Universe.


Hylton Kallner (CEO Discovery LTD ) : "Thought-provoking, moving and inspiring. The Universe on Stage simultaneously immerses the audience in the wonders of our universe and entertains with stunning visuals and score. You’ll be amazed by this symphony of science."

Gareth Cliff (Cliff central) : "I saw Universe on Stage and I was absolutely blown away by the care and attention to detail given to what is first of all an amazing story told by Luca, but also by the music by Yash which I find spell-binding. I think the whole thing makes for a very immersive experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has yet to see their performances."

Tyra Mouron (Science teacher): "The Universe on Stage masterfully combines truth and beauty that fills the heart with wonder at the magnificence of the galaxy we live in. The interaction between Luca’s speaking and Yash’s piano playing reflect the very dance between the truths of the universe and the sheer beauty of it all. My students loved it! I think the production sparked the perfect amount of curiosity and awe."

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