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Western Cape

Larah Eksteen is a model.

This is the Larah Eksteen experience: toe-tapping jazz standards, ultra-smooth instrumentals, and feel-good bossa nova beats.

Larah's lifelong passion for music led to her proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer, and she now brings her varied on-stage elegance to venues all over Cape Town.

Her calendar is full of bookings for everything from wine-soaked nights to sophisticated corporate events and conventional wedding celebrations.

Her passion for composition extends to the publication of four dynamic studio albums laced with cross-genre variety and nostalgic romance.

Larah has made her path through various realms in the music industry as a multi-disciplinary artist who began playing the violin at the age of three, graduated with two first instruments, played overseas, studied music production in London, and created and produced for film and television.

She has worked with Judith Sephuma, J'Something, Donald Moatshe, RJ Benjamin, Albert Frost, Arno Carstens, Dear Reader, Fokofpolisiekar, Prime Circle, DJ Tira, Vicky Sampson, and many others. Her technical proficiency is matched by her unmistakable flare, with red-lipped melodies, stilettos on the loop pedal, and a fresh, contemporary sound that leaves the listener wanting more.

Matsimela Sibusiso

Sibusiso Matsimela, a South African musician of a new age, embodies the concept of cross-cultural jazz.

He grew up listening to South African, American jazz, and traditional African music. Sbu, who was born in Mpumalanga and raised in the township of Nellmapius, has established himself on the jazz gig scene in Cape Town after graduating from UCT in Jazz.

He received a fellowship to attend the International Society of Bassists in San Francisco in 2011 and the Italian Arcevia Jazz Festival exchange in 2015.

Sibusiso also works as an educator in the Western Cape, investing in and training emerging artists. He is one of Cape Town's most in-demand session musicians.

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