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Classic Jazz Masters


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The band's sound can range from traditional New Orleans to a finely structured jump band featuring reed and brass sections.

The Classic Jazz Masters are the country's only New Orleans Jazz Band.The Classic Jazz Masters can replicate the traditional New Orleans and Dixieland genres while also playing Mainstream, Swing, and Lounge jazz.

The Classic Jazz Masters are some of the most seasoned musicians of their kind in South Africa today, and they continue to entertain audiences around the country.

The current lineup is Bob Wade on cornet/trumpet, Sasha Sonbichler on guitar and banjo, Roy Burrows on clarinet, alto/baritone saxophones and vocals, and Speedy Kobak on slide trombone. Steven Wade on percussion and Cecil Ferreira on string bass round out the lineup."


"My wife and I witnessed your presentation at the Brooklyn Theatre this afternoon. The best performance we've seen in years. We hope to see a lot of you in the future!!(Why are all trombone players wicked on stage?) (well done)"

"The Classic Jazz Masters (ex-Radium Beer Hall) performed a concert with a pianist and a singer." It was a beautiful afternoon, and they were all in great shape. Have you heard Hannah Foster sing? She's a fantastic singer. David Cousins, the pianist, was also excellent. The arrangements were created by guitarist Sasha Sonnbichler."

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