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DJ Rene


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Western Cape

Rene Tanguy, who left France for a life of music, surf, and family in South Africa's Mother City, has become a household name in Cape Town due to his unique, passionate DJ technique and crowd appeal. DJ Rene The Frenchman's incredible World sounds, including Retro, Nu-disko, Latin / Cuban / Brazilian style house, and the greatest of French house, can get any dance floor moving.

He pioneered the concept of combining DJing with live drumming and Afro-brass musicians in South Africa, and has worked with notable local musicians such as Robbie Jensen, Moreira Chonguica, and Buddy Wells on saxophone, Alex van Heerden on trumpet, Tony Paco on percussion, and Alou April on guitar. This one-of-a-kind and stunning display is usually the highlight of the party, while Rene communicates with the function coordinator to create the appropriate tone at various stages of the event.

They can provide more laid-back, softer background music if the situation calls for it.

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