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Lihle Msimang


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Lihle Msimang, a writer and comedian, has worked in the entertainment sector for almost ten years. Her comedic career began in 2011 when she won "best upcoming comedian" at the Nando's Comedy Showdown, which led to her performing at the Nando's Comedy Festival alongside world-renowned comedian Mark Curry, best known for his role as "Mr. Cooper" on the 90s television show Hangin' With Mr. Cooper.

With a BA in Motion Picture and Live Action, Lihle not only knows how to provide a wonderful performance, but also how to produce something entertaining from conception to completion.

Lihle has been on numerous notable shows, including Blacks Only, the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival, and Comedy Central Presents: Savanna Comedy Bar.

She has also performed her comedy in New York, Los Angeles, London, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Lesotho, among other places.

Lihle's talent to convey a story on stage has led to her writing various commercials and television shows, including Single Gals, How To Ruin Christmas, and The Roast of Khanyi Mbau, all of which have done well on their respective networks and platforms.

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