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Did you say South Africa’s very own Micheal Bublé? We sure did. 

This is the resonating accolade that seems to echo across Johannesburg when Adderly comes to mind. (as mentioned by Vocal SA, host for Mr South Africa 2023)

Adderly is Natal-Born, yet raised and currently residing in the east side of Johannesburg. 

He’s known to be a passionate, “sing from your heart” individual who connects deeply with music. His mom would often say that people would gather around him to hear his heartfelt singing. This attribute has stood the test of time, and this “Wandering Minstrel” continues to warm the hearts of listeners as he travels between JHB, DBN and CPT as a wedding/lounge singer. 

His live cover music leans towards your old school classics and love ballads which include the likes of Lionel Ritchie, George Benson, Elvis Presley, Micheal Buble, Kenny Rodgers, Bill Withers, Nat King Cole and many more. His heart driven passion coupled with his vehement vocals will make you fall in love all over again. 

After Matriculating in 2006, this ambitious boy applied for a scholarship at Boston Media House. As expected, his application was the most outstanding of all submissions and he was immediately financed for 3 years at BMH Pretoria Campus. 

Shortly after he began climbing the corporate ladder and secured himself as a qualified Event Manager. Simultaneously, he began singing part time for restaurants, lodges and has musically influenced a few successful South African Brands. These include: Strictly Ballroom Benoni, Women Torque, Wildcoast Sun, and Kingdom View Productions. 

A significant accomplishment in Adderly’s career is having being secured as the resident vocalist for the Motoring Women of the Year Awards (Powered by MFC - a division of Nedbank) for 3 years in a row.

His most recent success story is securing a lead acting role as “Raja” on “Die Hustle” - an independent movie produced and directed by Skeem Saam’s very own Ricwa Die Griekwa. 

Book him today. 

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