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Sibusiso Vilane


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  • A family and God-fearing man with 4 Children.

  • First Black Person to summit Everest, 26 th May 2003,

  • First Black person to climb and summit Mount Everest twice.

  • First Black person to summit it by both sides, 2005, reached the top by the northern route.

  • Got awarded the national order of Ikhamanga in Bronze for his contribution in Mountaineering by President Mbeki 2005

  • First Black person to climb all the 7 Summits. Final summit June 2008.

  • First Black person to Walk to The South Pole unsupported, 17 January 2008.

  • First Black person to complete the Explorers Grand Slam. Summit of Everest, South Pole, North Pole and climbing the 7 Summits.

  • Has climbed lots of other world known mountains like Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger, Lenin. Ruwenzori, Mount Kenya.

  • He has led more than thirty expeditions up Mount Kilimanjaro which have led him to summit the mountain more than thirty-six times to date.

  • A competitive social runner who has run and finished 10 Comrade marathons.

  • Attempted Everest with no oxygen and reached an altitude of 8000m.

  • In 2019 he went back to run the Hillary and Tenzing Everest marathon.

He believes in no limits.

Inspirational Speaker, Expedition Leader, and social marathon runner.


Sibusiso held the unwavering attention of the guests throughout the presentation, and

received a massive applause that spoke of a great admiration for his feats, for his humility, for the exemplary example of his life and attitude, and for the underlying

challenge to everyone which accompanied his great presentation and message.

We heartily recommend Sibusiso’s presentation to any group of people who spend time together, whether it be in a work, social or spiritual environment. There is a magic about

the presentation which inspires, builds and challenges, in the most encouraging and endearing of ways.

John Roux, General Manager, Northfield Methodist Church

Sibusiso’s presentation is extremely inspiring. It is the most incredible story of his journey. All aspects were so interesting and obviously worked well when trying to get across the importance of team work – each person’s role in the expedition is so important. We at Sasfin Wealth really enjoyed the presentation and would definitely recommend Sibusiso to others.

Terri Katz, Sasfin Wealth

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