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Ethics & Generation Gap Workshop


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Ethics & the Generation Gap



For years we have considered the subject of Ethics to be one that is clear: honesty, integrity, transparency. Cut and dry almost. But then along came the Millennials with a whole new way of viewing the world. And as with most things, just when acclimatisation has taken place, along comes a brand new generation: Gen Z. 


Where does all this leave us in terms of Ethics? How do we get along when we don't agree on certain key issues? Is it possible for these generations to work side by side, even harmoniously? This workshop takes a walk on the wild side ... and investigates these generations and the impact it has on our Ethics.


Come along for the ride with Kristy Suttner & Thulani Ndzotyana as they take you on an interactive and engaging journey.


As well being a talented actress and performer, Kristy Suttner is an experienced corporate facilitator, coach and corporate strategist who has spent a large part of her career in the boardroom. Kristy’s client base includes Nando’s, UNICEF, Coca-Cola and many parastatals, banks and mines in SA and abroad.


Thulani Ndzoytana is a talented all-rounder: agent, businesswoman, model and facilitator. She is the founder of the Stride Institute, a leading development institution, specializing in confidence building and public speaking sessions.

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