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Ndlovu Youth Choir


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"Ndlovu" is a lively African song and dance chorus. These young singers and dancers want their listeners to smile, applaud, chant, and experience the warm spirit of Ubuntu in their hearts. The choir pledges to provide an experience filled with infectious joy.

"Ndlovu" delivers a diverse spectrum of South African music, from Afro-Pop/Jazz classics to traditional South African music and inventive adaptations of foreign successes that combine a variety of South African genres. The choir presents an irresistible toe-tapping and energetic South African musical performance mixed with dazzling dancing.

Collaborations with choirs from Denmark and Canada, as well as performances in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands, are among the highlights of the season. The choir's third album, produced by multiple Grammy Award-winning producers Rachel Faro and Jimmy Douglas, will be released in September 2018.

Their bright, youthful smiles will remind you of the best that South Africa has to offer.

You can watch them live on America's Got Talent 2019 here.


"You know, we've always wanted a choir like this. Something we hadn't heard before, and your energy was really bouncing off me. It was a fantastic audition, and you... I'll remember you. "Excellent work!"

Simon Cowell is the host of America's Got Talent.

"I believe this entire place was rooting for you from the moment you walked out, and you did not disappoint." I can't thank you enough for highlighting the beauty that you represent and for giving me so much hope! Thank you very much!"

Gabrielle Union is a contestant on America's Got Talent.

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