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Rob Caskie


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Kwazulu Natal

I am frequently questioned about the "WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHY" of what I do, therefore I have written these words to assist you in considering adding me in your next event or conference.

What is my background, and what are my areas of expertise?

I began a professional speaking career 20 years ago after enthralling audiences with my adventures on motorbike tours in southern Africa while at university. I have successfully told the stories of South African history, the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, as well as early Antarctic and Arctic exploration, to thousands of people all over the world.

As a skilled storyteller, I specialise in narrating stories about people in difficult situations. Extensive trips around the world sparked my interest in people and their histories.A keen interest in photography helps me to create visual images using the power of the spoken word.

In addition to my speaking profession, I lead monthly battlefield visits in KwaZulu Natal.

What are the topics of my presentations?

Stories about people in desperate situations. My speeches reverberate in the minds of the audience and provoke contemplation about the lessons to be gained from the past.

I specialise in conveying strong stories and entertaining audiences in their own minds' theatre, without the need of PowerPoint. "Rob does not trip the lights."

When should you call on me?

In every situation where something unique, captivating, thought-provoking, and memorable is needed. My stories, which may include your subject into their content, are an excellent way to begin or end your event.

They are completely suited for all audiences since they are multi-cultural - they are essentially human stories.


We have grown up with stories as humans, but with today's entertainment possibilities, this ancient skill is being forgotten.

Audiences enjoy being swept up in a wonderful story and captivated in mental theatre. Today, storytelling may appear to be an antiquated tool - and it is.

That is precisely what makes it so effective. Life happens in the stories we tell each other. A tale may go where quantitative analysis cannot: our hearts.

Data can persuade people, but it cannot inspire them to act; to do so, you must encase your idea in a story that captures the imagination and stirs the soul.

Start with a story of human struggle and final triumph if you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered. It will win people's hearts by first capturing their brains.

Allow me, with my stick and signature shorts, to energise your audience with a well-told human story.

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