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Beukes & Delaney


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Western Cape

This Johannesburg-based band plays an unusual blend of original Folk/Irish/Rock music. They call their distinct style "Irish-Boereblues!" for lack of a better term. Christoff Beukes, the lead singer/songwriter, plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, and sings lead vocals in this lively combo.

David Delaney is an Irishman who has lived in South Africa for the past two years. He grew up learning his trade in Waterford's taverns, where he was born. He performs on the fiddle, a traditional Irish flute known as the Low Whistle, the mandolin, and backing vocals.

Aside from the intriguing mix of acoustic instruments, the stunning blend of vocal harmonies has spectators spellbound. Brendon van Rooyen on drums and Cesare Cassarino on bass round out the lineup.

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