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BISOUX Jazz Trio


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In French, BISOUX (pronounced "bee-zoo") signifies KISSES! This forward-thinking trio welcomes you to see an INTIMATE live JAZZ performance presented with nothing but elegance, PASSION, and unmatched world-class musicianship.

WENDY ALLEN TWYFORD leads the band as lead vocalist, bringing her sensuous honeyed tones, quirky flare, and improvisational zeal... With feisty Latin drumming, she adds her own flavour to the mix.

With his luscious layers of harmony and hauntingly beautiful melodies, highly recognised pianist DR. ROLAND MOSES adds a breath-taking depth of musicianship to the trio.

AMAESHI IKHECHI, a Nigerian-born electric and double bassist, always serves up a generous amount of musical 'va va voom' with his very engaging stage attitude and passionate delivery!

This unique accompaniment performs swinging standards, rhythmic Latin numbers, sensual ballads, and soft á la mode favourites... Infused with the incomparable BISOUX essence.

The ideal musical complement to a high-end cocktail party, executive networking event, ambient dinner set, or intimate soiree.

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