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Brent Harris & Thee Jam


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Brent is a founding member and drummer for the South African supergroup Just Jinjer, one of the country's best-selling bands with over a quarter-million CDs sold. Brent went on to build a high grade Corporate Act, Brent Harris & Thee Jam, which has become a strong force in the Corporate Market in recent years.

Thee Jam performance includes jazzy background sets, uptempo party sessions, and the legendary DRUM SOLO, which includes many other drummers performing in time with water and lights, and contains one of the Corporate Market's largest repertoires.

With a core of top South African musicians such as multi-instrumentalist Denholm Harding, trumpeter Mandlenkosi Goodman Buthelezi, saxophonist Wanda Zonke, and percussionist Riaan Van Rensburg, the band includes a variety of exceptionally talented vocalists such as Rene Mabotha, Dez Peterson, Oscar Toorn, and Boki Ntsime, Nigel Morkel, and Lu Chase.

Whatever your specific entertainment needs are, Thee Jam can meet them because they have one of the largest repertoires in the Corporate Market.

In the event that you do not have a DJ, the band will play any playlist for any party in between performances.

The band often performs as a three-piece band, but due to the band's fluid character and the diversity of their music, they are built to adapt to integrate other musicians and band structures (5, 7, 9, and 12 Piece).

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