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Cafe Latte


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The ideal brew for your special event. You'll only understand the true meaning of "café-chic" after hearing the freshly brewed sounds of Cristina Rodrigues and Devereaux Oosthuizen as Café Latte. With their endless blend of local and foreign cover sounds, two of South Africa's most acclaimed performers are now magically taming the airwaves together.

Café Latte's distinctive combination of lively piano and electric violin will spice up your classy event - and enough steam to keep the guests toe-tapping their way through the schedule. Café Latte offers a varied spectrum of bohemian beats to meet any palate, whether it's tea cups and souvenirs, lobby beverages or garden cocktails, canapés or fine-dining.

This contains special renditions of South African faves, well-known Parisian favourites, and/or a collection of snappy Jazzy numbers to sweeten the air. Perfect pairing has a way of balancing the tables - and Rodrigues and Oosthuizen are no exception. Think ethnic and stylish; shaken and stirred; strawberries and cream; Moet & Chandon; espresso and milk: perfect pairing has a way of balancing the tables. The essence of Café Latte's thrill-factor is their natural South African soul and unrivalled pizazz, which is guaranteed to boost and invigorate any event.

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