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Cindy Alter


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Cindy Alter needs no introduction in South Africa; her musical past speaks for itself.

Cindy has sold 17 million albums worldwide, with 13 albums to her credit, including three solo CDs published in the previous 15 years.

Cindy published "Faith & Fire" in 2015, a song she wrote and produced with local whiz-kid Denholm Harding, and mixed and mastered by international award-winning engineer Chris Bethea in Alabama, USA.

She has also released her book, "No Substitute," which is available for purchase on Amazon.Cindy, in addition to her musical abilities, is a cancer survivor, having battled Leukaemia and now being deemed "cured" after 17 years.

Cindy is currently touring South Africa, Germany, and the United Kingdom, doing concerts, motivational talks, and book signings. Those who are aware of her contribution to the music industry have been moved by her amazing story.

Cindy is a great example to all as a musician, having struggled over endless hurdles to thrive in a cutthroat field.

She has survived violent relationships and cancer as a woman, and her cheerful attitude inspires everyone who crosses her way. Cindy has learnt to thrive rather than merely survive!

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