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Funk'D Jazz


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CROSS-OVER JAZZ, a perfect blend of all things super hip 'n jazzy, complete with lots of snappy funk, colourful acid soundscapes, scorching swing, and deep soulful groove, is presented by a group of some of the best musicians in the country.

Their repertoire ranges from old favourites to frenetic Latin tunes to well-known contemporary favourites and delicate á la mode favourites... FUNK'D JAZZ treatment has been administered to all.

The FUNK'D JAZZ band brings class and pizazz to any occasion, with their trademark frantic combination of music perfectly synchronising to the mood of every gathering.

They can provide a relaxed atmosphere that is suitable for a cocktail party or nighttime music performance. The FUNK'D JAZZers, on the other hand, have the ability to get people moving and pulsing to their funky sounds.

Meet the Band's Members

Wendy Allen Twyford plays percussion and sings.

Roland Moses provided the keys.

Amaeshi Ikhechi - Double & Electric Bass

Phil Holder is a saxophonist.

Sydney Mavundla - Trumpet & Flugel Horn

Rob Watson is a drummer.

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