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Heals over Head


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Kwazulu Natal

Heels above Head is an all-female jazz ensemble from Durban, South Africa. The females came together near the end of 2008 to develop this one-of-a-kind musical force because to their love of jazz music.

Since then, the girls have been composing, rehearsing, and recording new songs, as well as touring across KwaZulu Natal and the country. Their music is characterised as smooth jazz or easy-breezy pop jazz, and it consists of current African-influenced music and distinctively re-arranged standards.

The band is known for getting the audience up and dancing to its peppy melodies and rhythmic bass lines.

Fans will surely love hearing some Heels Above Head; the African jazz ambiance, professional musicians and vocalists, and well-founded rhythm works are all captivating.


"Their brand of smooth jazz deftly blends contemporary African musical phrases, evocative popular African standards, dance-inducing rhythms, and happy melodic vocals." They present beautifully, combining beauty and warmth with a hint of the sensuous; obviously a winning combination!"

Going Places South Africa, Gisele Turner

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