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Western cape

Kariba, based in Cape Town, performs around the country and occasionally at foreign events, with instrumental and vocal bands for all occasions. Kariba, led by multi-instrumentalist William Haubrich (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, euphonium, tuba), offers a variety of live music for events, with top musicians and high-quality sound. Reliable, experienced, and adaptable.


Brass and KaribaTar Guitar

A remarkable mix of creativity and functionality resulting from a confluence of varied musical experiences with a common drive for perfection. Guitar and brass work well together, delivering true modern, classical, jazz, and African influences. KaribaTar's broad inventive repertoire provides a particular dimension that only beautifully crafted music can deliver.


African, Afro-Jazz, and Jazz Dimensions and Complement:

2-piece: guitar (sometimes vocals) and brass

Add a double bass to make it a three-piece.

Add drums to make a four-piece ensemble.

KaribaJazz Jazz Ensemble

Elegant and lively. KaribaTar-like, but with synths instead of guitar.


Jazz Dimensions and Complement:

2-piece: keyboards (sometimes vocals) and brass

Add a double bass to make it a three-piece.

Add drums to make a four-piece ensemble.

Dixie Swingers Trad-jazz Ensemble

Enchanting, approachable, and acoustic, with cheerful toe-tapping tunes from a bygone era. Young and elderly alike begin bopping to this band!


Jazz StyleSize and Complement:

clarinet, banjo, and tuba

4-piece ensemble: add trumpet

5th member: trombone

Rimba Kariba Marimba Band

Brass and African marimba/percussion band are combined. A breath of fresh air in the evolution of African music.


Afro-Jazz, World, and African musicDimensions and Complement:

African marimba, mbira, brass, African drums/percussion, and light vocals comprise a three-piece ensemble.

4-piece: add a second marimba

Add a third marimba to make it a 5-piece ensemble.

Add a saxophone to make it a 6-piece.

7-piece: add a second set of drums/percussion.

8-piece: add a second brass


Professionalism and vigour characterise this function band. Has everything required to keep the dance floor moving. Tight rhythm, strong voices, forceful brass, and all your fave songs. Approachable and engaging. Discover the difference that a truly live band can make!


Commercial, South African, Cover/FunctionDimensions and Complement:

Vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, and brass make up the 5-piece ensemble.

6-piece: including a guitar

7-piece: including a saxophone

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