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Kerry Cherry


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Kwazulu Natal

Natural born singer, performer, and songwriter. Kerry began singing at family occasions at the age of eight. She eventually joined the DCC church choir, where she honed her voice. She recorded the SAMA award-winning song "Baby," which was No. 1 on East Coast radio for four weeks.

Kerry has performed with numerous bands over the last ten years, excelling in both the club scene and corporate science, with regular appearances in all of our local theatres.

KERRY now heads the band Kerry Cherry and the Hard Done By's, which has been doing two consecutive tribute gigs for the last three months. A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse, the diva herself.

Kerry is a full-time mother of two and operates her own business, Laquache Music CONNOISSEURS pty Ltd. She works and plays quite hard. A true artist and versatile musician who can perform music from the 1920s to the present. She also performs her own written music. Kerry is a true powerhouse and a hardworking musician. Her style is smooth, soulful, grungy, and tasteful, and she interacts with the entire audience. Kerry is unquestionably one of the best vocalists Durban has to offer.


"Without a doubt, Durban's greatest vocalists"

Appelgren, Eric

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