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Kwazulu Natal

Thulile Zama, a vocalist, and pianist David Smith make up the musical duet N'den.

The Duo met while studying music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in the early 2000s. Their basic musical beginnings as a pair began with gigs in various restaurants and the corporate environment.

Smith has always had a strong interest in music and was a part of the highly successful Jazz/Hip Hop band Big Idea, which created ripples across the country.

Zama is the lead vocalist of the successful all-female contemporary jazz band Heels Over Head (best contemporary jazz candidates SAMA - 2011), and a Yamaha Young Artist winner in 2010. This dynamic vocalist is well-known on the jazz circuit and is a popular performer in Durban. Her abilities have brought her to Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, as well as New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.Since 2017, they have been a part of the Tributes to Mama Africa / Sophiatown band.

The duo has spent the previous few years creating original music and covering some of their favourite tunes for their YouTube channel and social media profiles.

Thulile Zama has been the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music's concert organiser since 2011, and she is also pursuing her Masters degree in Culture, Communication, and Media Studies.

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