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Navi Redd


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Let's be honest: males singing a cappella has never been an ugly sight... and these a cappella "rebels" defy all the genre's norms and regulations. Of course, "a cappella" means:

There are no musical instruments or backtracks... Using only their excellent voice chords and incredible microphone techniques.

Navi Redd is an a cappella group with a bite, and its repertoire ranges from Johnny Clegg to Kurt Darren, the Rolling Stones to the Bee Gees... Navi Redd has been entertaining crowds all throughout South Africa since the group's debut in early 2004, and has grown to be adored by the public and generally appreciated by those involved in the corporate entertainment business... A cappella for the masses!


"Navi Redd is a rare breed of artist who combines spellbinding mastery of vocal sounds with captivating originality." This may be observed in their inventive marketing approaches for reaching younger and newer audiences in the South African music sector. Their voice talent and love for their work make them particularly appealing in the South African industry, where consumers are unfamiliar with their work. Navi Redd is, in my opinion, one of the most dynamic, skilled, and promising vocal groups to have emerged from South Africa..."

- Loring, Richard

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