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Oh! Calamity


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Oh! Calamity is a youthful Johannesburg Pop Act that has set out to show the world what the next generation of South African rock is capable of. The band was founded in 2015 on the whim of two best friends who share an insatiable desire for music and everything that it entails. Brandon Holz (guitar & vocals) and Luka de Wet (drums) enlisted the most rebellious punk at their school, Josi Goncalves, to form Oh! Calamity... persuade him to leave his current band and switch from guitar to bass!

In their search for the fourth 'Puzzle Piece,' the Johannesburg-based schoolmates crossed the boere-wors curtain and, by chance, met their future singer at a Valiant Swart gig in Pretoria (Cafe Barcelona). With the addition of Ruben Pieterse (lead vocals and guitar), the Oh! Calamity lineup was complete, boasting an ensemble of four passionate, brilliant, and motivated musicians that battle continuously and love each other much beyond that... as in any true fraternity! Oh! Calamity add a commercial modern touch to the guitar driven, hard hitting pop rock of the last 20 years - with band members ranging in age from 17 to 19 years old, this fledgling act are pushing their way to the forefront in the new breed of music sweeping the nation.

Oh! Calamity was formally added to the Just Music artist roster in October 2017, alongside top South African groups like Matthew Mole and Desmond & The Tutu's, when they inked a recording deal with the label and a publishing arrangement with Sony ATV.

Brandon, Luka, Josi, and Ruben have shared stages with Shut Up It's Sunday, The Anti Retro Vinyls, Lloyd Cele, and The Motherland, as well as classic bands, Wonderboom and Sugardrive (when they performed at a memorial show for legendary SA Rock Drummer, the late Garth McLeod) in the short time Oh! Calamity has existed (aside from all the acts at the 2017 Oppi Koppi festival).

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