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Rockabilly Ravens


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The Rockabilly Ravens gives you a true taste of Rockabilly music, hailing from an age when Rock 'n' Roll was King and pinup beauties were Queen. The band was formed at the Alabama State Penitentiary, inspired by the original Hound Dog and his Jailhouse Rock, to entertain the guards while inmates worked on tunnelling out of Sing Sing.

The Ravens are a group of badass Rock 'n' Rollers that know how to have fun.

They decided to alter their names and take the performance on the road after achieving renown. The Ravens established a reputation as the definitive Rockabilly band by playing every honky-tonk pub in the South. The Rockabilly Ravens, complete with leather jackets, tattoos, and their very own Raven-haired pinup girl, get any party started with high energy, up-tempo Rockabilly music. A mix of old songs and new anthems propels the Ravens into the twenty-first century. Rock 'n' Roll is still alive and well, and it's in good hands!

The Rockabiily Ravens are a high-quality, star-studded ensemble led by Samantha Peo, multiple Naledi Award winner and Strictly Come Dancing judge, singer Musa Sakupwanya, who has appeared in Nataniel shows, Martin Rocka, guitarist with Wonderboom and former musical director of Idols, and a horn and rhythm section with formidable experience.

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