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For almost a decade, the Rocketeers have been giving the perfect score to any commercial or private gathering. Loops mix the flavours of electric guitar with a strange looking upright bass to offer an ultra-polished version of the tunes you know and love.

Doug devotes his life to music. He is a well-known lyricist and vocalist. In addition, he is a skilled guitarist who has performed thousands of gigs with many well-known South African artists. Wendy Oldfield, Tamara Dey, and DJ Redwood.

Lionel Naidoo, a Wits University graduate, joins the trio on upright double bass and vocals. Lionel, a superb jazz musician, is a compelling performer with infectious passion and love for his work. He has performed in a wide range of musical forms, putting the'mental' in multi-instrumentalist.

You can count on the Rocketeers to cater to a wide range of musical preferences and palettes. Their repertoire is diverse, ranging from golden oldies from the 1960s to current chart/view hits.

While your guests are enjoying sundowners or dining on a wonderful meal, their musical performance evokes nostalgia and delight. No event is too big or too little for the specialists in creating the ideal atmosphere.


"Wow, you surpassed my expectations." The music and range were excellent, and the whole atmosphere you guys generated with your sound was really liked by all. There was only favourable comments, so congratulations on an outstanding performance. We will not hesitate to refer you in the future."

Justin Roux's

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