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Western Cape

Dorette Roos (Cape Town Philharmonic), Carol Thorns (Electric Cello Pioneer and SAMA Nominee), and Anjulie Nock (Cellist and Composer) make up the Rosanthorn Electric Cello Trio.

These three cellists share an ambitious vision for the cello: revisiting and repositioning an instrument that is frequently forgotten. As a result, the band is at the forefront of the electric string genre.

With the assistance of South Africa's best composers and producers, Rosanthorn has embarked on a compositional and technical adventure to explore everything the Cello has to offer across numerous genres and timbres.

They have recorded and re-interpreted works as diverse as Vivaldi's Double Concerto in G Minor, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek.

Anjulie Nock has written new compositions such as Night Journey (inspired by Game of Thrones) and an original Tango (imagine Scent of a Woman for Cello). Helmut Meijer's The Parting is a melancholy, stripped-down, soulful piece that inspired their debut music video.

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