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Shim Sham


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Western Cape

Shim Sham - "a party where the lights sparkle, champagne flows, and jazz and contemporary music enchants!" Welcome to Cape Town's one-of-a-kind live party band, where gloomy, relaxed background music meets party favourites that are sure to please.

Shim Sham is the ideal band for any occasion, whether corporate, wedding, or private. Our repertoire includes music from many eras, from jazz to pop favourites and current songs. We can easily adjust the music to your event's needs. Shim Sham alternates between being an actual Jazz band and a top-tier Pop band.

Our usual lineup consists of a

Bev Scott-Brown (vocals) and her four-piece band

China (drums and vocals),

and Andrew Ford (keyboards)

Wesley Rustin (electric and double bass).

If you prefer a larger stage, the band can expand to add a brass section, guitar, or string section, depending on your budget. With performances at the annual SA Cheese Festival, Qualite Awards, Hazendal Jazz Series, The Crypt, and Jazz on the Rocks, the level of musicianship in this band is of the greatest standard, with all members being well respected and experienced.

Shim Sham collaborates with prestigious corporate clients such as Oasis Group, Agri Expo, Man Bus Company, Sun International, and espAfrika. Sham Sham has worked with prominent event planners in Cape Town and is easily adaptable to any environment, including weddings.


It's always a joy to work with you and your amazing band, Bev. Your ability to gauge the crowd and be in sync with your visitors is incredible. I believe your versatility and ability to cover a wide range of genres, from jazz to modern contemporary, is your most valued attribute. The band is a pleasure to work with, and their punctuality and professionalism shine through in their enthusiasm for their craft. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Gavin Taylor's

- Grand WestAgri-Expo is delighted to mention that they have worked on several projects with Bev Scott-Brown since 2009. Bev is an outstanding professional and an extremely great vocalist who can sing any genre requested of her. Shim Sham has become a headliner band at the SA Cheese Festival since Bev founded them.

– A fantastic lineup of Cape Town's greatest talent! I would suggest them to everyone!

Working with Shim Sham is a true pleasure! They don't let you down and are really versatile, talented, professional, and a lot of fun! Shim Sham's years of experience have taught them to carefully assess their crowd and ensure that every guest is delighted about their music and mood! Working with Bev | Andrew | Wesley | China has been an amazing joy! Highly recommended for any occasion.

XDC Entertainment's Deb Jardine

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