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Swing City


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Swing City grew out of three of South Africa's most popular musicians' love of swing music. A lighthearted side comment from one artist to another turned into a serious debate about putting together a three-piece vocal group, backed by a full jazz orchestra and band, to celebrate their love of jazz, swing, and blues while giving a modern spin to the genre.

Swing City is made up of Lonehill Estate's Nathan Ro, whose love of swing music has always occupied the pop/rock singer's iPod; Graeme Watkins, whose background in music and theatre began as a swing singer long before his success on Idols or in his indie rock band "The Graeme Watkins Project"; and Loyiso Bala, whose classically trained background in music saw the singer as part of the TZKee

The three vocalists, who were already buddies, joked about becoming a swing band. Years later, they took the idea seriously, gathered their pals from Figure of 8 plays in a rehearsal room, and Swing City was formed!"

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