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The Cover Ups


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The Cover Ups have brought a fun, youthful feel back to the old classics, which is proving extremely popular with clients looking for a sophisticated band for their Networking Events, Black-Tie Dinners, and even Baby-Showers, as this incredible group, while still extremely young themselves, has taken on some of the industry's most mature and melodic music.

Their harmonies are excellent, as are their basic acoustic versions of popular songs.

While they haven't changed the music since they believe that classics were classics for a reason, this young ensemble connects with today's 25-plus market simply by being their peers.

The Cover Up is bringing a degree of sophistication to their performance, following in the footsteps of young legends like Michael Buble, who made it "cool" to revisit old swing classics.

Simeon Hamman's (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Banjo) creation.

The usual band is a four-piece consisting of keyboard, percussion, and violin, which allows them to play either a gentle background set or a somewhat more lively set... Yes, there are a few recent hits tossed in only for those parties that need to be "warmed up" (available on request or as the night demands!).

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