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The Duo Savina and Dane


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Creating a captivating atmosphere of sax and strings, The Duo is anything but ordinary.With the beautiful Savina on sax, and the talented multi-instrumentalist Dane, creating the perfect backdrop of live loops, acting as the platform for their undeniable chemistry that shines through their playing, together, they will keep you spellbound.

With over a decade of experience, The Duo always gives the audience exactly what they want. With music ranging from classy jazz and smooth pop covers, to upbeat contemporary classics and old familiar favourites. The Duo has everything required to leave an audience with a memorable experience of exceptional music and professionalism.


“It is not often that a festive occasion, like an Oktoberfest, suddenly becomes quiet when an artist/artists take to the stage. This is exactly what happened shortly after Dane and Savina began their performance.

After playing a few pieces, suddenly the chatter and laughter quietened down as guests realised the quality of music they were hearing. I have been in the restaurant trade for more than 20 years and rarely have I witnessed a performance stun the audience into an appreciative silence once the performing artist/s take to the stage, particularly as it was an open air performance.” – Graeme Marshall

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