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The Girls


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A brunette. A sax. A songbird that sings while stringing. And even more! Cristina Rodrigues collaborates with appealing, sexy performer Cathy Del Mei in THE GIRLS:

a spectacular cross-performance combination of voices and instrumentals that will make your trousers fall down and your trumpet blow. Both at the same time.

The powerful combination of vocals with electric violin and saxophone - with killer aesthetics to match - is a head turner for any appealing event. Guaranteed. THE GIRLS provide a suavely enjoyable set of crowd-pleasing harmonies that veer between light classical backgrounds and ritzy limelight stealers.

Cristina (on vocals and strings) and Cathy (on Sax) bring a refreshing twist of confidence to the floor with their engaging ability to weave smouldering tunes amid talks, bringing many years of collective musical experience.

THE GIRLS will not disappoint, with jazzy tunes, afro-chic ensembles, pop and rock crowd-pleasers, and more sophisticated, awe-inspiring tracks. They can sing it, string it, and blow it if you can hum it - all in a day's work.

Whether it's a networking event with drinks, a dinner invitation with bowties and ball gowns, or a body-rocking, shooter-dropping, call-a-cab dancing party, the brilliant twosome take pride in reading every occasion with the utmost care.

Clients can expect a light-hearted, stylish occasion that is age suitable, style appropriate, and tailored to the event with this dazzling couple strutting their stuff. More?

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