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The Swingsetters


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Western Cape

The Swingsetters provide original and cover music that combines and alternates between swing, funk, and rock & roll influences. Already a fixture at high-profile events (Rocking the Daises, Up the Creek, Wacky Wine, Loerie Awards, Synergy Music Festival), the band is building a reputation for itself by appealing to an audience looking for a fresh, bright, and upbeat sound.

The music emphasises on the romantic and dreamy side of life, and offers an opportunity to escape reality and leave your everyday concerns and melodramatic relationships behind, in a throwback to the 20s and 30s paired with pertinent lyrics.

The band is made up of experienced musicians from various backgrounds, each offering something unique to the group. An electrifying three-piece horn section and a powerful rhythm section provide a foundation for the group's three lead vocalists to freely express themselves.


"There's one thing you should know about the Swingsetters: you can try all you want, but once they start playing, there's no stopping you from dancing!"


"The Swingsetters took the stage next, bringing a touch of class to the festival with their fine outfits and flashy instruments." They did a couple pop hits in their signature, all-out way. Nobody in the audience could keep their feet still, and a scene from a 1950s musical naturally erupted."


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