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Urban Strings


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South Africa's first string and multi-instrumental music collective is Urban Strings. Urban Strings was founded in 2016 by fourteen skilled and diverse South African musicians.

The varied group, led by vocalist, violinist, and multi-disciplinary creative Larah Eksteen, emanates a distinct sound that creates a genuine environment in live performances.

The pool of excellent professional electric and acoustic string section members includes vocalists, violinists, viola players, cellists, double bassists, two electric harpists, a pianist, and guitarist.

All members are industry specialists who work on a personal level with a variety of local and international artists. This generates mobility in the collective's sound and performance, allowing for modern and original production.


"Ahhh, these strings, I love these strings!"

Gareth Cliffe

"Strings in the City." "The best in the industry!"

Tebogo Thekiso, also known as Proverb

"Urban Strings is paving the way for unique and innovative South African music."

"The Randburg Sun"

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