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South African rock giants Watershed have risen to become one of the most acclaimed and decorated bands to emerge from Africa's southern tip since their breakthrough single "Indigo Girl" in 2000.

Their unusual melodic guitar sounds combine with the sensuous tones of lead singer and songwriter Craig Hinds' voice to create a pleasant and classic rock sound that is instantly recognised while being completely unique. Watershed's albums and singles have continuously been awarded gold and platinum status both locally and internationally, but the band takes pride in being a touring band and always have a busy show calendar with dedicated and boisterous fans wherever they play.

Acoustic rock band Watershed became one of South Africa's most successful exports of their generation when their track ""Indigo Girl"" topped the German pop charts. Watershed was formed in 1998 in Johannesburg by singer/songwriter Craig Warren Hinds, a former high school English and history major.

Following a series of lineup changes, the supporting cast was completed with the additions of guitarist Paul McIver, bassist Vernon Hodgetts, drummer Tulsa Pittaway, and violist Lizzie Rennie. This iteration of the group signed with EMI South Africa in 1999, releasing In the Meantime the following year; the lead single "Shine on Me" catapulted the group to national success, and the follow-up singles "Indigo Girl" and "Letters" catapulted them to superstardom.

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