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The Mushroom Garden


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Plunging your guests into a world of fantasy and imagination,

The Mushroom Garden is a mind-boggling display of color, unreal costumes and a whole world of oddities. The UV show features a range of intriguing shape-shifting characters that are guaranteed to fascinate your guests and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Adding to the eye-catching aspects of this act are stilt walkers, giant caterpillar puppet and LED props.This act is ideal for engaging with audiences.

The bizarre characters can roam around using dance and acrobatic skills creating all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes as they pass. The characters also interact and responds to the reaction of people around them.

Alternatively and best these characters create a mesmerizing dance performance on stage with an enchanting soundscape.

The Mushroom Garden is perfect for day or night time events bearing in mind that the UV costumes react better under black-light in dark conditions.

The mystifying characters and oddly psychedelic show appeals to both adults and children alike.

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