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Celeste Ntuli


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Celeste Ntuli, the Zulu comedy queen and the first local female comic to record a one-woman show DVD named Seriously Celeste, a selection of her performances across the country.

Celeste Ntuli, a full-time stand-up comedian for the past several years, has come a long way since she was spotted performing in a marquee in Durban roughly nine years ago. She was born in Empangeni and moved to Durban after finishing high school to pursue entertainment technology at Durban University of Technology.

Celeste owes her success to the fact that she has no holy cows - preconceptions, relationships, and social issues are all off-limits to her.

Celeste had always been a joker, even in school, so it was no surprise that she chose comedy as a vocation. "I was always the class joker, so when I saw a poster about a comedy show, I called the organisers and asked them to give me a chance to show what I could do," she explained.

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