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Ndumiso Lindi


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South African comedian Ndumiso Lindi is excellent and genuinely funny. His instincts and intellect provide him with a deep grasp of his nation's collective funny bone, allowing him to appeal to a wide range of people.

You can't help but feel wonderful when you see Ndumiso for the first time. His unique blend of nu-school style and strong tradition results in a spectacular and exceptional South African comedy act. His deep voice, soul-warming smile, booming laughter, creative content, and seamless delivery will make you happy to be African while making you laugh from the gut.

While other performers continuously circle our nation's key cities, Ndumiso is discreetly going about the business of touring all around Africa and breaking out internationally. With fantastic reviews in Ghana and Nigeria, as well as performances in the United Kingdom and the United States, this man is pushing South African comedy to places few could manage or fathom.

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