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Robby Collins


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Robby Collins' climb from Durban theatrical circuit actor to fully fledged stand-up comedian took only four years, and he is still regarded as one of comedy's rising stars. Robby's professional accomplishments outnumber his years on the comic scene.

A comedian whose material is based on real-life experiences appears at comfortable on stage and has a very believable stage presence, appealing himself to the crowd with his gawky giraffe physique.

Robby has performed in front of some of South Africa's largest comedic crowds, including appearances at 'The Heavy Weight comedic Jam' and 'Blacks Only' comedy shows. His personal selection as the opening act by SA's finest comics, Marc Lottering, Eugene Khoza, and Trevor Noah, demonstrates his talent even more. His tour with Trevor Noah was extensive, encompassing over 50 events throughout Southern Africa.

All of his efforts on stage won him a well-deserved nomination for "breakthrough act of the year" at the first Comics Choice Awards.

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