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Schalk Bezuidenhout


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Schalk Bezuidenhout was born in a highly Afrikaans, 'bring-terug-Apartheid' community near Joburg's airport.

The traditional Afrikaans way of life was a happy one at Kempton Park. Your mother's breast milk would be brannewyn en coke, you'd kaalvoet to school, and you'd hide your lunch money whenever a black man passed by.

His family and friends watched Schalk transform from an Afrikaans conservative caterpillar to a stunning dramaqueen butterfly replete with a moustache and fuzzy afro.

Schalk's parents knew he would study acting, so they sent him away to the University of Cape Town to help numb the pain.

While studying in Cape Town, Schalk gradually realised that there was more to life than boerewors and rugby, and he began doing stand-up in April 2011.

Schalk is a joyful and dynamic performer who attracts to people of all backgrounds and colours.

Schalk has come a long way in the short time he has been doing comedy. He's had the opportunity to perform at some fantastic venues, with some much better comedians.


"He was FABULOUS, and we loved him - thank you!"

- Jane from Tech News

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